Children get a lot of satisfaction from making something of their own.

Most things your children need for cutting and pasting are around you:

Small round ended scissors should be used.  Paste or glue can be made or brought.  You may need a thick brush for spreading paste.

Sticky tape and a stapler are useful.  Store all the bits and pieces in an ice cream container, plastic tray or cardboard boxes and keep these easily available.

Set everything out on a table or a newspaper on the floor.  Have plenty of materials to choose from.  The first thing children need is something firm to stick things on to.  It can be paper or cardboard.  You can cut up empty cartons and boxes or decorate the boxes themselves.

All children enjoy collecting, tearing, pasting, sorting and looking at the various materials.  Encourage them to do their own thing with whatever you have to spare.  At first you will need to help children learn to use scissors and paste.  Sit, listen, and talk with them.  They also learn from watching others.

Enjoy every part of the activity, not just the end result.  Allow children plenty of time to find out the way they want to work.

Flour paste

1 cup of water

1 heaped tablespoon of flour

Mix flour to a paste with a little water, then add the rest of the cup of water and boil the mixture for a few minutes.  Cool in a covered container.

PVA glue

This is quite expensive but works on almost anything.  It can be watered down.

Wallpaper paste

This can be quickly made and keeps well.  You only need to make a small amount at a time.  It is available from hardware stores.

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